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Monday, February 27, 2012



Pagi ni kelas SEMINAR cancel,sama gak petang..
so pagi ni hanya ada kelas DIET TERAPI 1 with Dr Chan.
this is what I learnt from Dr Chan today. [agak touching ye hari ni..-_-]

Situation 1:
Patient: Dietitian,please listen to me.
Dietitian : Yes,I always listen to you.
Patient: No,you are not listening,but you only use your ear to hear.

We want patient to change and listen to us, but we HARDLY want to listen to them.
Patients,just like children, they do not like to be scolded. They need more encouragement,not punishment.

LISTEN and HEAR,different.

So, you can hear something without wanting to, but you can only listen to something intentionally.

Change is never easy. You fight to hold on and you fight to let go.. but the fruit is wonderful-Farah Lee

Situation 2:
Doctor : Why do you allow this patient to take this FOOD?
Dietitian : Because of these things.
1. Age
2. Personal and cultural preferences
3. Lifestyles
4.Individual's wishes and willingness to change

If the patient is having DIABETES for about 20 years,and he/she really wanted to take this ONE food,did you allow the patient to take it?

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